Careers Through Technology

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In its conception, the Careers through Technology program was originally designed for individuals with significant physical and cognitive challenges. Many adults wanted a different kind of a program and they wanted employment! We believe in those tenants still and have worked to provide services to a broader spectrum of individuals- with different learning styles and different support needs.

We continue to evolve and progress. We have learned from the individuals who attend our programs, their families and support circles and from our community business partners.
So what is it that we do?
We become your partners in skill development and career exploration. Our approach is holistic in nature and based on person centered thinking. We provide instruction and support in technology skills, travel training, money management, time management, job sampling, volunteerism, job development and job coaching.
We know that the hard skills are the foundation; however, the “soft skills” or people skills assist us to not only get the job, but keep the job. So we recognize the importance of highlighting your skills, understanding the work culture, building an effective relationship with supervisors, positive work habits and attitudes, problem solving abilities, advocacy, working well with others and understanding and responding to employer expectations and making connections with co-workers.
Our primary focus is employment, independence and community involvement.
The Careers through Technology program is funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities and operated by Bergen County Special Services. The Careers through Technology program is located in the barrier free BCSS Adult Programs Center, on 296 E. Ridgewood Ave., Paramus NJ 07652.

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Joydew, NJ

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Address: 22 Paterson Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432

JOYDEW Denville, NJ, soon to open in Bergen County, NJ

Day Program / Total Communication / Expand Social Skills and Teamwork / Teach the Foundation of Work / Expand Employability Skills (MS Office and other software / Body & Mind (Gym, Group Sports, Swimming, Yoga, etc.) / Independence and Life Skills / Online Academics / Art, Music, Theater / Community Integration / D.I.R. Theoretical basis

For an adult with autism, life can be isolating, lonely and sad.
BUT, people with autism are capable of living meaningful lives. They have intellectual, emotional, and social needs like all people do. Yes, they often struggle with communication, sensory balance, and the ability to function in society without help.

BUT WE CAN HELP! If we create the right environment and structures for them, the CAN become contributing members of society, they CAN learn a profession, they CAN be productive, they CAN contribute towards their financial needs as independent adults, and they CAN develop friendships and enjoy life.

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