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Debunking Myths about Autism Employment on the Spectrum TED Talks on Autism Breaking Out: Communications! Community videos Podcasts Housing Amazing Talent

Debunking Myths about Autism

Interview with Moish Tov, CEO of JoyDew

The JoyDew Experience

Official Wretches & Jabberers Trailer (Captioned)

Human Neurodiversity Should Be Celebrated for Its Strengths, Not Treated as a Disorder

Employment on the Spectrum

Cause Café Empowers Adults With Autism | TODAY

Meet the Gutsy Dad That Started a Car Wash to Help His Son Find Purpose

TED Talks on Autism

How autism freed me to be myself

Autism - What we know (and what we don't know yet)

How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger's

The world needs all kinds of minds

Turning impediments into opportunities

Breaking Out: Communications!

Non-Verbal Communication on the iPad - Lanier Weed - Leslie Weed - Morgan Tyner

2019 Graduation speech by Ahmed Ali, a valedictorian in Minneapolis

Community videos

Inside Story Americas - Ari Ne'eman: Stop blaming the 'other'

Autism - What we know (and what we don't know yet)

21 With Autism: A New Set of Challenges (Short)

21 With Autism: A New Set of Challenges (Full)

Mom2Mom Helpline For Parents of Special Needs Children

2019 Graduation speech by Ahmed Ali, a valedictorian in Minneapolis


'Housing Options for People with Developmental Disabilities'

Mothers on a Mission

Amazing Talent

Must-see 2019 performance on AGT by 22 y.o. Kodi Lee!

Good Morning America - This non-traditional program is changing the way children with autism are treated


The Autism Show

This is a weekly interview show allowing leading autism advocates, authors, educators, and organizations to share their inspirational stories and best resources with the global autism community.

Autism Science Foundation Weekly Science Report

This podcast will discuss new science, research discoveries, meetings and discussions, news reports, and other information important to those affected by autism especially families.

Autism Spectrum

This series will explore the latest research, diagnostic approaches, patient challenges, and evolving roles of the health care professional in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

All About Autism

An educational podcast that's all about Autism, including the challenges and victories of those who care for individuals with Autism.

Talking Autism

A show about celebrating what is unique about your child and using that alongside the knowledge you gain to enable them to be successful.

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