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Affected Families should position to receive continuing funding to address and manage the Autism condition. Federal and State assistance: Medicaid, Social Security Income (SSI) are administered in conjunction with the State of New Jersey (Dept. of Human Services and the Division of Developmental Disabilities) to provide an ongoing level of economic support to eligible and affected individuals and families. It is advantageous to be updated about how such economic support functions and how it is administered, as legislation constantly changes. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to obtain professional assistance (special needs attorneys and/or other specialists) for effective navigation of the system. Participation in this website is encouraged because it can increase a family’s knowledge and benefits.

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Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL)
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Posted By: Post 21 Club on July 12, 9:31 PM

What the New Fiscal Intermediary Means for Individuals/Families The Department of Human Services (DHS) recently announced the selection of Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) as the new Fiscal Intermediary (FI) for the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), Division of Disability Services (DDS), and Division of Aging Services (DoAS). This means that the current FI for DDD will shift from Easter Seals to PPL. Will PPL function the same way as Easter Seals in terms of my Self-Directed Employee? No. Easter Seals functioned in an Agency with Choice (AwC) service delivery model. With the transition to PPL, New Jersey is also shifting to a Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) service delivery model.