Beyond 21

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Address: 263 Hillside Avenue, Nutley NJ 07110
Hours: 2 shifts - Choose either:
AM: 8:30 - 1:30pm or PM 1:30 - 6:30pm
Phone: (973) 662-9191

Services Include:
Round-trip, door to door and local appointment transportation to qualified participants within 25 miles of our Nutley location
2 Meals daily during each shift
Individually-focused Small Group Instruction
Community Integration
Pre-Vocational / Daily living skills program
Daily Exercise
Socialization and Social Skills Group
On-site Medical Supervision and Healthcare

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Careers Through Technology

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In its conception, the Careers through Technology program was originally designed for individuals with significant physical and cognitive challenges. Many adults wanted a different kind of a program and they wanted employment! We believe in those tenants still and have worked to provide services to a broader spectrum of individuals- with different learning styles and different support needs.

We continue to evolve and progress. We have learned from the individuals who attend our programs, their families and support circles and from our community business partners.
So what is it that we do?
We become your partners in skill development and career exploration. Our approach is holistic in nature and based on person centered thinking. We provide instruction and support in technology skills, travel training, money management, time management, job sampling, volunteerism, job development and job coaching.
We know that the hard skills are the foundation; however, the “soft skills” or people skills assist us to not only get the job, but keep the job. So we recognize the importance of highlighting your skills, understanding the work culture, building an effective relationship with supervisors, positive work habits and attitudes, problem solving abilities, advocacy, working well with others and understanding and responding to employer expectations and making connections with co-workers.
Our primary focus is employment, independence and community involvement.
The Careers through Technology program is funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities and operated by Bergen County Special Services. The Careers through Technology program is located in the barrier free BCSS Adult Programs Center, on 296 E. Ridgewood Ave., Paramus NJ 07652.

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Ken’s Krew

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Address: 130 W 29th St #500, New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 290-8999

Ken's Krew enables individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully enter the workforce by providing access to good jobs and to professional training and support to prepare for and sustain employment.

Championing Ability...Enabling Success

One of the challenges for individuals with special needs is finding and retaining meaningful jobs in the mainstream work world. We know from experience that, with opportunity and support, individuals with developmental disabilities are able to work hard, learn, achieve and deeply enrich workplace culture. And through satisfying work, they gain confidence, independence, and become productive members of the community.

Ken's Krew enables individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully enter the workforce by providing access to good jobs and to professional training and support to prepare for and sustain employment.

Through our time-tested model of one-on-one skills assessment, vocational training, job access and continuous support, we help individuals perform at their highest levels in jobs at The Home Depot and CVS Caremark Pharmacies.

As employees, Ken's Krew enables our participants to experience success, camaraderie and appreciation from their peers and communities. Their employers and co-workers are often surprised by the impact of their contributions on the work environment. And families see personal growth and professional development as signs their loved ones are on a typical path toward increased independence, productivity and integration.

"All of you involved with Ken's Krew should take great pride in what you have accomplished - what you are doing for these wonderful people is nothing short of spectacular. I am so honored to have a minor part in this effort." — Ken Langone, Co-Founder of the Home Depot

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Stepping Stones at 296 East Ridgewood Ave., Paramus

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Stepping Stones is funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities and operated by the Bergen County Special Services School District. Developed for individuals 21 years and older residing in Bergen County, the program specializes in providing a structured and supportive environment with intense behavioral supports.
The program relocated to the District’s Educational Facility at 296 East Ridgewood Avenue in Paramus in September 2015. After a smooth transition the individuals in the program have settled in nicely. Our new location provides more opportunities for community integration and shared activities with peer groups in the area.
Program emphasis at Stepping Stones includes pre-vocational skills, independent living skills, community involvement, and communication/socialization skills. These activities are introduced and reinforced in a structured and sequential manner. Activities may be group oriented or individually based. While in the midst of activities and individualized objectives, staff members assist individuals to reach maximum participation, learn new skills, and be engaged with others. The team works closely together and partners with individuals and their family members to develop a meaningful plan of care for each year. Each individual’s plan is unique to them. We are able to obtain a high level of support and make modifications as needed because of the high staff/client ratio.
One of the program’s many attributes is the caring and experienced staff who work with our clients on a daily basis. There is a unified approach to instruction and daily scheduling. Staff sensitively support individuals on the autism spectrum to adapt to change and meet daily challenges. They take a hierarchical approach to behaviors, and may adjust the environment and programming to provide safe milieu and promote positive outcomes for adults in the program.
Programmatically, each individual is guided to demonstrate more self-directed behavior, increased adaptive skills, and increased independence and interpersonal skill development.

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Quest Autism Programs

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Address: 159 Godwin Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432

Phone: (201) 425-8397

Quest Autism Programs is a community-based day program for adults with autism, based at the Wyckoff YMCA in Bergen County, NJ. Participants follow individualized daily schedules that span the areas of: Activities of daily living skills, social skills, vocational opportunities, recreational and leisure skills, as well as maintaining relevant previously mastered skills. The Program is not accepting more participants at this time, but check back periodically.

Supported employment and volunteer opportunities are emphasized at Quest. The goal for each of our participants is meaningful employment. Strengths and preferences are assessed and vocational opportunities (both supported employment and volunteer jobs) are established. Each participant is supported by a Job Coach, and may work individually or paired with another participant. The role of the Job Coach includes providing transportation to work, providing instruction and job training, and collecting data on performance.
QAP’s participants are active members of the community. This may include going to the gym, learning to grocery shop independently, going out to eat, or going to the library. Each day includes individualized, functionally relevant goals. The focus is to improve quality of life through development of important skills and improving independence for adults with autism.

Training & Instructional Philosophy

Ongoing training and treatment are based on the empirically validated teaching strategies and techniques derived from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
All of our participants have highly individualized programs designed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The program is focused on increasing on-task behavior and work endurance; teaching new skills and activities; maintaining previously learned skills; generalizing skills; and reducing challenging behaviors across the following areas:
Community Skills
Daily Living & Life Skills
Prevocational Skills
Recreation & Leisure Skills
Social Skills
Supported Employment & Supported Volunteer Work

Program Description

In 2005, Quest Autism Programs (QAP) opened its doors to meet the vocational, recreational and social needs of adults with autism. The program enrolls adults over age 21 who continue to require individual supports after they have completed their school-based education.
QAP’s mission is to promote a high quality of life, through teaching skills that increase independence and enhance community integration. Each participant becomes a contributing member of the community by incorporating individual strengths and preferences into daily programming.
General Information: Midland Park, New Jersey / M-F 9am-4pm / Transportation within the community is provided. Families must provide transportation to and from the program. Quest is located on Access Link accessible locations. QAP is closed for three weeks of vacation throughout the year, and for Federal holidays. Participants are supported by a Job Coaches in 1:1, 1:2 and small group ratios, according to their level of independence and supports required.

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Paramus Rehab, Paramus, NJ

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Address: 540 N Farview Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone: (201) 343-6000

Individuals in our Paramus program are offered opportunities for in house and community based instruction. A number of our instructional opportunities are aligned with DDD’s draft of proposed services under the “Supports Program”. It is our intent to become an approved vendor for this program. Over the years, Paramus has been a qualified provider for the Governor’s Initiative – Self Determination, Real Life Choices, Self -Directed Services and Individual Community Supports and Services (ICSS).


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Kaplen JCC Tenafly, NJ

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Address: 411 East Clinton Ave., Tenafly, NJ
Director: Shelley Levy
Phone: (201) 408-1489

On Our Own Adult Day Habilitation Program

Maria Engel, Day Program Manager / Shelley Levy, Director

This DDD qualified daily program provides life skills, music therapy, swimming, fitness, cooking, yoga, community inclusion, technology and more at the JCC and beyond. The Adult Day Habilitation Program is for young adults with intellectual and developmental challenges and autism, ages 21+. Participants must have communication and self-help skills to independently participate within a 1:3 staffing ratio.

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Joydew, NJ

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Address: 22 Paterson Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432

JOYDEW Denville, NJ, soon to open in Bergen County, NJ

Day Program / Total Communication / Expand Social Skills and Teamwork / Teach the Foundation of Work / Expand Employability Skills (MS Office and other software / Body & Mind (Gym, Group Sports, Swimming, Yoga, etc.) / Independence and Life Skills / Online Academics / Art, Music, Theater / Community Integration / D.I.R. Theoretical basis

For an adult with autism, life can be isolating, lonely and sad.
BUT, people with autism are capable of living meaningful lives. They have intellectual, emotional, and social needs like all people do. Yes, they often struggle with communication, sensory balance, and the ability to function in society without help.

BUT WE CAN HELP! If we create the right environment and structures for them, the CAN become contributing members of society, they CAN learn a profession, they CAN be productive, they CAN contribute towards their financial needs as independent adults, and they CAN develop friendships and enjoy life.

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Jespy House, NY

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Address: 102 Prospect St, South Orange, NJ 07079
Phone: (973) 762-6909

The Day Habilitation Program provides a structured daily schedule of educational, pre-vocational, psychosocial and health-oriented activities for any JESPY client who is not involved full-time in volunteer or paid employment activities. In this scheduled program, participants build on their interests to help shape their individual performance plans for work readiness and employment engagement.

Operating from Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm, scheduled weekly groups include:
Building Confidence
Social Skills
Health and Safety
Critical Thinking
Music Relaxation Therapy
Dance and Aerobics
Job Skills
Current Events
Money Skills
Physical Fitness Activities
Recreational Activities
The dynamic schedule changes approximately every three months.
Day Program participants work together to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal for their lunch which reinforces food preparation as well as social skills.
The Day Program is committed to providing opportunities for community integration such as volunteering at Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry, the Elks Club Garden and various Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ events throughout the year.
JESPY clients who are living at home with their families, rather than at JESPY-owned or JESPY-managed facilities, have only minimal exposure to daily living skills training. The Day Program has been expanded to include a comprehensive Daily Living Skills Program which prepares this group for successful independent living.
The Daily Living Skills Program operates at various times four days per week, providing focused training in:
Kitchen and Food Safety
Food Shopping and Preparation
Menu Planning
Laundry and Cleaning
Budgeting/Money Management
Social Skills Engagement
Community Integration
Community Safety

At other times, participants are welcome to join in the scheduled activities of the broader Day Program.
The JESPY Day Program is a qualified provider for the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities Real Life Choices Program.

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Friendship House Adults with Autism Day Program

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Address: 540 North Farview Ave. Paramus, NJ 07652
Hours: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday
Director: Mala Spivak

Adults with Autism over age 21 / DDD-Certified / Locations: Paramus (1), Hackensack (2) / Objective: Continuing Education / Job Training (internships and voluntarism) / Assisted Daily Living (“ADL”) skills / Open Admissions by interview

The mission of the Friendship House Adults with Autism Day Program is to provide continuation of care and to improve the quality of life for adults on the autism spectrum in a supportive and caring environment by providing opportunities to allow for their greatest success.

Our program is an approved, qualified Self-Directed Day Program Provider and is temporarily located on the Bergen Regional Medical Center campus in Paramus, NJ. As of October 2013, we expanded our program to include a second location at Bergen Community College in Hackensack, NJ. Our hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We operate twelve (12) months a year and are happy to assist in securing transportation for our members to and from program.

Our program includes:
Skills and needs assessment
Family involvement to work on treatment planning concerns
Individual guidance to help each member attain individual growth and personal achievement
Consultations with ABA consultant
Activities of daily living training
Social skills training groups
Leisure skills training
Community based recreational activities
Pre-vocational and vocational training with use of job sampling and internships
3-Tier community placement system that includes Transitional Employment, Job Coaching and Supported Employment with long term follow-along supports.
Collaboration with other service providers such as Psychiatric, Medical, OT, PT as needed

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