Statewide Discussion Forums

Statewide Discussion Forums

At long last- Post 21 Club (serving adults with autism and their families in NJ) is initiating Online Statewide Discussion Forums!

Breaking out of the boundary of Bergen County, Post 21 Club of New Jersey is mobilizing on the now well-known discussion platform. People can now participate from anywhere in New Jersey! What does this mean for you? allows the creation of discussion channels, each dedicated to a single topic. In effect, dedicated chat rooms. Discussions are ongoing, so participants can jump out and jump in, as rarely or frequently as they wish. Articles and documents can be permanently uploaded by participants, for everyone's reference. This is a new way to more easily connect with people you might otherwise never meet, or have difficulty meeting on a continuing basis.

It is our objective to increase the number of participants, so that more and more people can get connected. Someone in Northern New Jersey can discuss common topics of interest in Atlantic City or even Cape May.

With this tool we can not only strengthen connections between affected families- we can also connect and converse with service providers, agencies, elected and appointed officials, representatives, and other interested parties, thus raising awareness on any conceivable topic in adult autism in New Jersey.

To join: Participation is by invitation. Anyone who wishes to participate request access via email to from his or her preferred email address. An optional, brief introduction included in the email would be helpful. Within a short time you will receive an electronic invitation from in your inbox, and from there just follow the included instructions.

What to expect: You can participate either on your PC, laptop, or phone. When you have on your device, look for "Channels" on the left side of your screen, and click on the one(s) in which you'd like to participate. If you experience any difficulties in participating, or if you'd like to suggest new channels and topics, feel free to email at any time. (This is a civil forum, so polite behavior is expected. Be forewarned: unruly participants risk suspension from our Team Space!)

Channels: We are at the beginning, so we only have a few channels started so far. Here they are:

  • #dayprogramcreation
  • #hangingoutwithfriends
  • #addressingthehousingcrisisforadultswithautism
  • #growingthepost21club
  • #transportation
  • #upcomingfundraisingevents

The list of channels has the potential to become extensive, so Post 21 Club will be cautious and deliberate when creating them. Our goal is to help families connect with others seeking answers and solutions to a wide range of issues, and increase our numbers of participating affected individuals, parents, and families. Providers and other stakeholders are also welcome to join the discussions. Interested? We hope so!

Questions? Write to, and we will respond!

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