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Andrew Weatherly

"For Andrew Weatherly, art is a tool for personal and social growth. His work invites the viewers in for closer inspection and enjoyment. Andrew, born with Down Syndrome, is one of the 18% of persons in that population who has a dual diagnosis- he has been diagnosed with high functioning ASD.

Andrew maintains that artwork is a tool he uses to advocate for people with disabilities.

Painter, poet and photographer, Mr. Weatherly selects media that offer him the extraordinary avenues for self-expression. These media provide the artist the ability to navigate compelling barriers, while sharing his own insight and perspective with the viewers."

The Arc of Bergen and Passaic Counties

The Arc of Bergen and Passaic Counties believes that everyone has unique abilities, skills and talents and that with the right opportunities they can shine. These beautiful pieces are a testament to the creativity of our artists.

Ben Cabrera

More information coming soon!

Maya Avital

Maya Avital

When Maya was one year old, we were told by doctors:

“She may not walk, talk or do whatever other kids do”.

After many years of intensive therapy, we realized that Maya is not Disabled but Differently abled child.

From a very frustrated, challenged Autistic child, she became a very happy young adult that communicate, express herself, and share her world and her wisdom - both in words and in her art.

We believe that every child with special needs have the right to a better life.

Give those in need what they are looking for and they will give you a lot in return.