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Welcome to Post 21 Club!

Post 21 Club: Who Are We?

  • We are a private, 501(c)(3) NJ Nonprofit Corporation based in Bergen County, New Jersey, since 2004.
  • We consist primarily of parents of adults who live with Autism, but we welcome the participation and membership of others as well.
  • We conduct our activities on behalf of adults who live with Autism so that they may reach their maximum potentials.
  • We operate a website whose growth plan includes employing people with Autism in various tasks including research, content creation, and management.
  • We are not shy about challenging the “status quo”.

Our Mission:

  • We collaborate and when appropriate, grant to State-certified service providers that are proactive and innovative, expanding the range of programs and services that are directly responsive to the real needs, goals, and objectives of affected families.  We seek to increase the range of programs available to the adult Autism population in Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas in Northern New Jersey.

Our Vision:

  • We envision a new perception of our affected population- one of empowerment achieved through open-mindedness!

Our Process:

  • We fundraise through various activities
  • We help identify, confer with, and connect potential clients from our General Membership for Pilot Program collaborations
  • We provide earmarked grants to State-approved program providers with whom we collaborate on pioneering pilot programs

Join Our Website!

  • Participate in our online discussion forum. Ask a question. Make a comment or suggestion. Or just read contributions from others. Click here.




  • Listen to an interview on the Hope Saves the Day podcast on Autism Radio with our secretary, Lee Pranitis.


Your generous donation to the Post 21 Club helps us fulfill our mission to support adults with autism in northern New Jersey.

The suggested annual membership contribution is just $21, but donations of any size–large or small–are all appreciated.


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A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Post 21 Club at no extra cost to you.