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Use this website to connect better with the amazing adult autism population around you! Here you will find programs, supports, services, information, discussion, relevant videos, news, knowledge, blogs, and discussion with families like yours. Click around the site to see what may be interest. It is up to you how little or how much you would like to be involved- there are many ways to participate. We hope you will join us and build our membership!

Post 21 Club: Who Are We?

  • We are a private, 501(c)(3) NJ Nonprofit Corporation focused upon Bergen County and surrounding areas in New Jersey, founded in 2004.
  • We are composed primarily of parents of Adults with Autism.
  • We collaborate with State-certified Providers to create new Program choices for our population of Adults with Autism.
  • We make it more possible for these individuals to reach their maximum potentials.
  • We operate this website which includes employing people with Autism in various tasks including research, content creation and updates.
  • We facilitate connections and communications between those with Autism and their families, with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • We raise awareness of what is possible for Adults with Autism.

The Latest News

  • Interview with Moish Tov, CEO of Joy Dew

    Posted By: Sam Fogelgaren on March 16, 1:06 PM

    If there is such thing as a traditional path into constructing an adult autism program, Moish Tov has not followed it. A serial entrepreneur with experience in the technology and medical device industries, Tov’s path to building an adult autism program emanated from his two children (who both have autism). Upon visiting various potential adult […]

  • Personal Preference Program: An Overview

    Posted By: Post 21 Club on March 12, 5:12 PM

    Background   Once families have received their Medicaid through an NJ Family Care Managed Care Organization/insurance company, they are eligible for Personal Care Assistant Services (PCA). PCA services are non-emergency, health related tasks through NJ FamilyCare. Tasks include help with activities of daily living (ADLs) and with household duties essential to the patient’s health and […]

  • First International Night / General Membership Meeting

    Posted By: Post 21 Club on March 9, 5:58 PM

    Post 21 Club’s first quarterly hosted International Night / General Membership meeting is happening and THE place to be, the night of March 13, 2018! Although the event is now SOLD OUT, IT is intended to be repeated every few months so that our membership families can get together over great food and catch up […]

  • Our Mission:

    We collaborate with State-accredited program providers, and assist them in creating Pilot Programs that address the real needs of our population and families in and around Bergen County. We continue to increase the range of programs available to our population.

    Our Vision:

    • We see an exciting new world for our population- one of empowerment and unlimited potentials!
    • We believe that our Adult children with Autism have hidden strengths and inner personalities, and through collaboration we can help bring these out and enrich the world.

    Our Process:

    • We fundraise through various programs and activities
    • We connect potential clients from our General Membership for Pilot Program collaborations through networking and communications
    • We grant to State-approved program providers with whom we collaborate on designing and launching pilot programs

    21 With Autism, A New Set of Challenges

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