President’s Message #3

Posted By: Post 21 Club on August 22, 12:16 PM

Dear Reader,


It has definitely been an eventful year, not only for this Website, but for me and my family as well!

As far as this website, Post 21 Club and I certainly hope that you are enjoying the near-monthly improvements and new features we've been adding: Front Page Bulletin Board, Art Gallery, Videos, Upcoming Events Calendar, and new content articles.  We'd like you to know that we're lining up a more constant stream of new content articles; we have a few hurdles to clear, but once we're through those, you should see a lot of lively updates on a continuing basis!

As always, we hope you can see what we're trying to accomplish for the community, and hope you'll partake by becoming a subscribing Member, and consider contributing your own content as well, or even joining our Editorial team!

For our family: our 29 y.o. son Jonathan is now at month 3 in the Joydew Employment Training / Day Program, and I can't say enough kind and gratitude-filled words I have for the Joydew Team.  They've taken my own long-held beliefs that there's a lot behind the classic-Autism mannerisms and behaviors that he constantly exhibits, and have gone far beyond!  As I am learning from the Joydew team, we all have to look beyond the "stims" and "obsessive-compulsive" behaviors, try to ignore tham actually, and constructively connect with the real person inside.  Amazing developmental progress is unleashed!  I am convinced that the key to solving the puzzle of Autism lies at least partially with "seeing past" the behaviors!

One of the most amazing things I've learned lately is that some of the most amazing abilities are held by individuals with Autism who are non-verbal, who were even recently considered "low-functioning".  The term "low-functioning" should perhaps be discontinued- continued experience indicates that perhaps there is no such thing.  It may need to join the now-defunct term "mentally-retarded" in the dustbin of developmental history!

Won't you consider joining me and Post 21 Club in one of the noblest endeavors ever- to look beyond what appears to be "a disorder", and help to liberate an entire population on the Autism Spectrum from being considered "a burden on Society"?  Get involved; it's not a responsibility, it's an adventure, and an exciting one!


Larry Lam

President, Post 21 Club

President’s Message #3
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