Informative Seminar On the Joydew Strengths Assessment

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On May 24, 2017, from 6:30 pm 8:30 pm, Moish Tov and Marybeth Burtt of Joydew, LLC presented an informative seminar on the Joydew Strengths Assessment, or “S.A.” The S.A. stands in stark contrast to the current over-riding mentality of what people with Autism CAN’T do, in seeking to uncover what they CAN do. The S.A. is very much rooted in the D.I.R. methodology and philosophy pioneered by the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan of Washington University. Dr. Greenspan explored a number of categorized areas in which hidden skills could be sought. To the typical “lay-person” in Bergen County, D.I.R. may be thought of as “truly person-centered” programming for people with Autism. For example, what an individual may be very adept at may not be what he or she prefers to do as an occupation.

In addition to Strengths Assessment, the Joydew team also pursues “Total Communication”, acknowledging that people with Autism have varying modalities in which they are able (and also in which they prefer to) communicate.

The Seminar attracted 25 attendees, some of whom signed up for and underwent the Strengths Assessment with Joydew.

Informative Seminar On the Joydew Strengths Assessment
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