I’m Your Typical Parent

Posted By: Post 21 Club on June 23, 7:17 PM

I’m an (anonymous) parent blogger. My son is 28 years old, with what you’d call “Classic” Autism- the usually expected features. Over his lifetime we’ve had quite an education about not only him, but the Autism Establishment. We’ve seen plenty of changes! In a short phrase: we’ve come from a strong sense of devastation to a strong sense that he (and all those on the Autism Spectrum) is here for a good reason, and that it’s all of our job to seek, discover, and assist his strengths and skills in coming to the fore.

There’s a lot involved in accomplishing all this. First, there’s overcoming our own limiting beliefs. After that little miracle, there’s overcoming the limiting beliefs, rules, and regulations of the society around us. I’m happy to observe that from the early 1990’s, when beliefs about Autism were truly primitive, to the present, our awareness as a people and society has made leaps and bounds.

In this blog I will write about a wide variety of topics related to our son and others on the Spectrum. Have you ever wondered why there are so many people with Autism, and increasing at a rapid rate? And maybe it’s not a bad thing? Perhaps it’s something amazing and it’s just taking us mortals a really long time to figure out exactly what it is and why? Well then, explore with me…

I’ll stay anonymous for a while. But when the time feels right I’ll reveal my identity. Meanwhile I’ll try to come up with a pen name. OK? ;)

I’m Your Typical Parent
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