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New Jersey Creates Ombudsman for Disability Services

Posted By: Sam Fogelgaren on January 12, 4:24 AM

Earlier this week, Governor Chris Christie signed A-3824 into law. The law 'establishes Office of Ombudsman for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families.'

From Lilo H. Stainton of NJ Spotlight: "Estimated to cost anywhere from $150,000 to $1.9 million annually, depending on its workload, the ombudsman and a limited staff would be responsible for helping individuals access appropriate federal, state, and local services; assisting them with communications with government agencies and dispute resolution, while serving as neutral arbitrators; identifying patterns of complaints and recommend improvements; and working with state agencies to better reach those they serve. In addition, the office would be required to report its work to state officials, the governor and the lawmaker each year."

Outgoing Governor Approves Array of Healthcare Programs - NJ Spotlight


  1. Easter Seals was allowed back into the State’s Administration system

    Posted By: Post 21 Club on August 22, 8:57 PM

    Easter Seals was allowed back into the State’s Administration system because their replacement, Public Partnerships, was unable to fully discharge the strenuous duties that they assumed when the State contract was awarded to them months ago. Details are sketchy at this time and will continue to monitor and report on the situation.

  2. New Jersey Family Care update- July 2, 2017

    Posted By: Post 21 Club on July 12, 9:50 PM

    New Jersey Family Care greatly benefited from Obamacare. For a demographic map of how New Jersey would be impacted by the repeal of newly-realized Medicaid benefits, visit

  3. New Jersey Family Care update- June, 2017

    Posted By: Post 21 Club on July 12, 9:49 PM

    (By Beverley Roberts, the ARC of NJ) June 2017: NJ FamilyCare – Important Information It is important for families and staff to be aware of the necessity of completing the NJ FamilyCare renewal application if it arrives in the mail. The renewal application is mailed to those who already have Medicaid, and it is necessary […]