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In Memoriam

Ira Fogelgaren

Ira Fogelgaren (1955 - 2017)

Ira Fogelgaren, a friend of the Post-21 community, passed away on December 22nd.

The Fogelgaren family made Bergen County their home more than 20 years ago when they were planning to raise a family while maintaining a personal and professional connection to Manhattan. Ira and his wife, Jacki Saltzman, have two sons, Sam and Danny. Not surprisingly, it was at a young age that Sam learned to enrich the lives of all other children like Danny, who has Autism.

Locally, “Coach Ira” made an indelible impression on youth in the community and their volunteer buddies as he and the family founded Tenafly Challenger Baseball in 2007. Year after year, Ira advocated for the team’s interests. A practicing attorney in New York, he often left the office early on Fridays: practice began as soon as Ira could make it to the field. Every player and buddy was an MVP in Coach Ira’s eyes and he wasn’t going to leave until they all felt accomplished. Friends and relatives of the Fogelgaren family also came to know that “Challenger” baseball filled an unmet need for a sense of community and became a springboard for lasting friendships and yet other recreational activities.

Ira knew that people with special needs could excel, never strayed from his vision, and led by example. He left his family and the community with the orientation and personal skills to continue that legacy.

I will be forever grateful to the UAlbany student housing gods for having put us in the same suite freshman year as my life has been immeasurably enriched by our long friendship. Ira, you were as a good as friend as a person could have and your courage dealing with life's adversities will never cease to be an inspiration to me.

Steven Schwartz

In memory of a true champion- Ira Fogelgaren! You were an inspiration to all Challengers, and their families.

We miss you, Ira!

Lawrence and Natalie Lam

In memory of Ira Folgelgaren

Gary-Lee-Jack Graham

Jean Lam

Jean Lam

Jean Lam, wife of the late Sau-Wing Lam and loving grandmother of Jonathan Lam who lives with Autism, passed away in early February 2018 at age 93. An ardent supporter of Post 21 Club from the very beginning, Mrs. Lam has given generously to Post 21 Club in previous years, once even donating a full-size Honda minivan to help transport young adults to a new Day Program that Post 21 Club helped to create in Bergen County. Post 21 Club commemorates Mrs. Lam on our website.

This donation is made in memory of Jean Lam, mother of my dear friend, Carol.

Shau-wai and Marie Lam

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