About Us

What is the Post 21 Club?

  • We are a families/parent-based, NJ Nonprofit Corporation founded in 2004. In a society short on options for Adults with Autism, We Create Choices.
  • We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization; and can accept tax deductible charitable donations.
  • We collaborate with State-certified service providers that are proactive and innovative, expanding the range of programs and services that are directly responsive to the real needs, goals, and objectives of affected families.
  • We provide grants, and help identify and connect potential clients from our Membership, for Pilot Program collaborations
  • We are focused on Bergen County, NJ, and surrounding areas.

* formulation of education and training based on the strengths and preferences of the individual

Board of Trustees

  • Lawrence Lam, President and Co-founder
  • Lee Pranitis, Secretary
  • Nancy Leeds, Treasurer
  • Natalie Lam, Assistant Treasurer and Co-founder
  • Jacki Saltzman, Trustee
  • Hyun Roshandel, Trustee

Hub and Spokes

Post 21 Club pursues a strategy characterized by collaboration — the concept that separate entities can team up to imaginatively create new Programs via pilots.
  • We have adopted idealistic “Hub-with-Spokes” diagram that puts consumers in control of the services and supports selections for their family members with Autism.
  • We constantly seek potential matches between the specific developmental needs of those with Autism and Program providers

Our “Hub”

Post 21 Club is the results-seeking Hub of Bergen County’s Adult Autism community! We meet regularly and review our families’ situations and identify needed supports and services. Then we seek out appropriate Program providers and collaborate on new Pilot Programs.

Our Spokes

Not all of our efforts bear fruit, but when a new Program takes hold, it becomes one of our “Spokes”.

The Post 21 Club “Hub” grows a network of Program providers which over time becomes a rich tapestry of exciting and colorful choices that can assist any particular participant in becoming the complete individual that they have the potential to be.

The potential for new and exciting Spokes are limited only by needs of the people who in our Hub, and the imaginations of all the people involved when considering what is desirable and possible.

Another benefit of the “Hub-and-Spokes” concept is that there are good Programs already in existence with vacant spots; the Post 21 Club Hub can help fill these openings. And when enough parents in our group seek a Program that doesn’t yet exist in the Community, we can help create one that meets the need!

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