What is the Post 21 Club?

  • We are a NJ Nonprofit Corporation since 2004. We advocate for adults who live with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • We collaborate with State-certified service providers that are proactive and innovative, expanding the range of programs and services that are directly responsive to the real needs, goals, and objectives of affected families.  The result is the provision of a comprehensive range of strength-based* programs, supports, and services.
  • We provide grants, and help identify and connect potential clients from our Membership, for Pilot Program collaborations
  • We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization;  and can accept tax deductible charitable donations.

* formulation of education and training based on the strengths and preferences of the individual


Board of Trustees

  • Lawrence Lam, President and Co-founder
  • Lee Pranitis, Secretary
  • Nancy Leeds, Treasurer
  • Natalie Lam, Assistant Treasurer and Co-founder
  • Jacki Saltzman, Trustee
  • Hyun Roshandel, Trustee


Hub and Spokes

  • Post 21 Club was founded on a strategy characterized by collaboration — the idea that separate entities can join together to more effectively and efficiently accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Post 21 Club has adopted the “Hub-with-Spokes” organizational chart that puts consumers in control (in the center) of the services and supports selections for their disabled family members, and positions those who provide services and supports to deliver these most effectively — truly the best way to ensure that precious resources are used most efficiently!

Our Hub

What does the Post 21 Club mean by using the word “Hub”?  In short, WE are the Hub!  Post 21 Club is first and foremost a Parent Group.  We represent the population-at-large that has graduated out of Special Education for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and remains on the Autism Spectrum, and their families.

What does the “Hub” do? We meet regularly and review our clients’ situations, identify needed supports and services, seek out appropriate providers, make connections that lead to colorful combinations, facilitate funding for clients and their families, and in general acts as a central meeting place for the Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder population in Bergen County and surrounding areas.  For clients and their families, our long-term goal is to help facilitate actual connections and lead to the ideal goal of a “24/7” environment for continuing development in all areas, post age 21.  We are in the process of creating “Strategic Alliances” with the best service providers in the general geographic vicinity in order for them to evolve into our “Spokes”- our Partners.

A Network of Parent Groups:  In addition to being at the center of a growing circle of “Spokes”, The Post 21 Club “Hub” has begun the efforts to connect with other over-21 ASD parent organizations that have been appearing throughout New Jersey.  By networking and collaborating with other parent organizations, the State Government in Trenton will find it much easier to hear the clearer message from this growing population segment.


Our Spokes

Existing Service Providers in the Community:  The Post 21 Club “Hub” seeks to identify and/or create a growing network of support- and service providers around itself, which becomes a rich tapestry of exciting and colorful ways that individuals in the adult ASD population can continue their own personal development and truly be “the most they can be” and as independent, creative, and productive people, thoroughly knit into the Communiity.

The diagram presented here is representative of what we are trying to achieve, but in no way limits the extent and variety of the type of “Spoke” programs, services, and/or supports that may actually come into being.  The “Spokes” are limited only by the people who are involved in the “Hub”, what the Clients need, and the imaginations of all the people involved when considering what is desirable and possible.

The benefit of the “Spokes” concept is that there are existing programs already in existence that can accommodate more participants; the Post 21 Club “Hub” can help fill these openings through active parent “networking”.  Furthermore, when parents in our group request a service or support that doesn’t yet exist in the Community, we can help in its creation!


What our Hub and Spokes model accomplishes

  • It provides needed and appropriate adult services. It serves as a model system which can be replicated in other counties.
  • It prevents the regression of our Clients’ hard-earned skills while continuing their education and development with the goal of becoming independent, contributing members of society.
  • It facilitates the family’s ability to identify, design, and secure the right combination of support and services for our adult participants.
  • It enhances the workforce with skilled clients which will lead to improved community integration.