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State DDD “Tier” Funding Cuts?

Thanks to an email blast from the ARC of Bergen County, we have a heads-up from the DDD that Day Program funding is about to be cut lower than already-low levels.  We have until May 26 to do something about it!  Comments/questions invited!

Blue Sky Initiative- reinvigorated!

Post 21 Club has been working with Bergen County Freeholders (in particular Tracy Zur, Joan Voss, and County Executive James Tedesco), and many other advocates and Service Providers, in trying to lay the groundwork for a brighter future for the over-21 population with Autism.  The effort began in 2013, is gaining traction in 2015.  Post 21 Club will be working alongside longtime ally NJ Friendship House, Arc of Bergen County, James Thebery, and many others in trying to pave the way toward a more facilitated future for our population!  Hot topics include: potential employment with the County, transportation initiatives, more effective engagement with the State, and web-based assistance.

A for-profit business that hires over-21 people with Autism?

A new initiative undertaken by Post 21 Club with Ray Falcon, Esq….stay tuned!